Monday, September 14, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up: Nuremburg Renaissance Fair!

Hey guys!

After two failed attempts, we finally made it to a German Renaissance Fair.  You can read about our first misfire here and our second one was on Saturday.  We were all set, got up early, packed snacks, and hit the train station on time only to be thwarted by the ticket kiosk, which wasn't taking credit cards, claimed it was taking debit cards but spit out both of ours, and wanted exact change only.  Since neither of us had anything smaller than a 20 euro bill, we were stuck.  Super disappointing!

So we came back at the same time on Sunday with exact change and were able to buy tickets.  The train trip into Nuremburg was actually mostly on a tour bus, since they are doing work on the train line right now, but we made it there.  Here are the pictures I took at the Renaissance Fair:

The setting was AMAZING- because the Fair took place in the moat surrounding downtown, all of the stone walls you see date to the Middle Ages.  Very authentic for a Renaissance Fair!

There was the opportunity to get your picture taken with an Eule (owl) named Einstein.  Can you spot him hiding in the picture?

We caught a show by a group of performers that did acrobatics and juggling.  They started their act with a clearly humorous introduction in German that neither of us caught very much of.  So we just tried to laugh when the audience laughed.  Thank goodness they didn't pull anyone from the audience to participate!

Here's one of the performers doing a trapeze-style act with a large suspended ring.

A view of the setting before they took the stage, just because it's got a great view of the ancient walls.

There was live music from a group playing drums and instruments that were something like bagpipes, but different than ones I've seen stateside.

There was also a falconry group there with some gorgeous birds, although we did not catch one of their shows.

This guy was bigger than Trouble!

And there was a camel, because why not?!?

What did you do this weekend?  Let me know in the comments below and make sure to check out my video of Nuremburg's downtown, which we visited after lunch.

Stay stylish!


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