Friday, September 25, 2015

Weekly Wrap-Up!

Hey guys,

I know I've been pretty absent this week.  After a summer of having to much spare time on my hands, everything suddenly got crazy this week!  Here's what I mean:

First of all, on Monday evening, I got an email offering me a job interview for a Special Education aide position at the middle school where I'm going to start subbing once they finish my background check.

That night for dinner, I made a new strogranoff recipe for dinner:

I managed to rest and was well enough for my job interview on Wednesday.  I wore my nice black suit, although I failed to take a picture, and went bouncing out the door singing the Rocky theme song.  The interview went really well, and I'm hoping to hear something back in the next week or two.  The nice thing is that, thanks to subbing, either way I will have a job in the near future!

Then yesterday began with some sad, scary news.  My father-in-law back in Arizona works in a scrap metal yard (he's a very skilled demolition contractor).  On Wednesday while we were sleeping in Germany, there was an explosion at his work and one of his coworkers was killed.  We don't know a lot of details yet, but somehow an un-diffused bomb wound up in the scrap metal that was being cut apart.  Among other things, the company does scrapping work for the local Air Force base and there must have been some sort of mix up.  It's a really terrible thing.  My father-in-law is incredibly broken up.  He actually handled the explosive earlier and has a great deal of survivor's guilt.  If only he'd crushed it with a different machine, maybe everyone would be okay.  Any love and kind thoughts you can send to him and the family of his coworker would be much appreciated.

I also had a fun, different time out with some new friends yesterday.  They go rock climbing twice a week at a facility on Post and invited me along.  I am, admittedly, scared of heights, so I am very proud of going and giving it a shot.  I tried it three times and got about halfway up on on of the easiest walls.  It was also nice to do something physical as a way of processing everything going on back in Arizona.  Today I am very sore from using my muscles in a different way and I have a gigantic bruise on one of my thighs from the harness that is probably going to be pretty painful before it's gone.  But I got out there and tried something new outside of my comfort zone, which I've been pretty firmly walled into recently after all of the changes earlier in the summer.  So I get a big mental high five for that!

After this crazy, crazy week, I am officially taking today OFF.  I'm going to do some yoga, write a little for future blog posts, and enjoy some Netflix on the couch.  Ahhhhhh!

Stay stylish!



  1. Hey congrats on the job interview. Hope you get it

    Sorry to hear about your father in law. That is awful. Let us know if he needs anything.

    1. It's really a terrible thing. He's doing as well as can be expected under the circumstances, but they'll all have some healing to do at his work.


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