Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Weekend Wrap- Up: Autumn Drive

Hey guys!

This past weekend, Hubby and I stuck close to home.  We'd both had a very busy week, him in particular with two different coworkers who had personal crises happen, so we mostly puttered around the house and relaxed instead of taking a weekend trip.  We also took a trip in to the Post to run a few errands and just get out of the house and stretch our legs.  One of the routes into Post is the same drive I take to work, just a bit longer, and since Hubby was driving I finally got to take a few pictures of all of the amazing fall foliage I pass almost every day.  Check out my daily drive!

Germans favor very symmetrical buildings in bright colors.

The clouds have been so pretty!

One of several villages I drive past.

Sometimes, its rather grey and gloomy.

The leaves are really starting to change!

As promised before: more outfit pictures!

One of the winding spots.

This village features a long row of buildings that I think are apartments.

Into the enchanted forest...

The largest town I have to drive through.  Getting here means I am almost at work!

One of the smaller towns I drive through.

Another wooded shot.  You can really see the amazing fall leaves here!

There are a lot of open fields and country in this part of Germany.

It's certainly very different from Arizona!

A large building attached to what looks like a church (hidden back behind). I need to go exploring some day and figure out what the story is there!

Coming up on another town...

One of my favorite shots!

One of several statues dedicated to saints that I pass.  I have yet to stop and find out who this particular gentleman is.

An older house that is attached to a barn, both still in use.

This is the bakery that always looks so good!  I'm afraid to stop because I'd probably wind up with an entire box of pastries!

Most towns are built around an ancient church.

Including this giant one, hiding behind a gorgeous autumn tree.

What does your daily drive look like?

Let me know in the comments below!  

Stay stylish!



  1. Nice photos :)
    Maria V.

    1. Thank you! We've both been blown away by how beautiful it is in Germany.

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