Monday, October 5, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up: Oktoberfest!

Hey guys!

Hubby and I made it to Oktoberfest this weekend.  We drove to Munich and spent quite a bit of time wandering around, checking out the sights, and sampling some traditional food.

It wound up being very cold and rainy for our trip.  Since it was sunny and warm the day before, neither of us was super prepared for the weather.  Having a hat, warmer socks, and a few other goodies certainly would have made our time outside more enjoyable!

A lot of local beer brewing companies set up really elaborate tents where they serve Bavarian food and beer.  Most of the tents have their own bands playing plenty of polka music and other regional specialties.

I didn't get a picture of our food when it came, but I had cream of carrot soup and dumplings while Hubby opted for roasted chicken and potato salad.  German potato salad is very different that what you'd get in the States.  It's usually warm sliced potatoes with chives and vinegar.  Kind of strange and honestly not my favorite.

Hubby also indulged in a Fest beer since I was driving home.  It was an entire liter of highly alcoholic beer.  Most German beer is light wheat beer.  I'm not a big beer drinker, although I love an occasional margarita or glass of red wine, and I prefer dark beer when I do have it.

Check out the video I shot at Oktoberfest here:

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