Wednesday, October 7, 2015

What I Ate Wednesday

Hey guys!

Welcome back for this week's installment of What I Ate Wednesday.  It's super cold in Germany now (WeatherBug is predicting a chance of snow next week!) so I'm trying to use up warmer weather foods, like salad, yogurt, and cold cereal now before it gets too frosty to eat them.  I hate wasting food, so I'm trying to plan ahead!


I had a bowl of Oatmeal Crunch cereal with skim milk and a cup of my German coffee, served black.  The German coffee is very interesting.  It came super finely ground, almost like espresso, and was vacuum packed into the package so tightly it had to be put in a bowl and fluffed with a fork to get it to look like ground coffee.  It makes very, very strong coffee.  I've actually been using less ground coffee per cup than normal.  It's got a different flavor, and I haven't quite decided yet if I like it or not.


I consider this just about the perfect cold weather lunch: tomato soup and grilled cheese.  Well, almost!  We were out of bread, so I subbed a whole wheat bagel thin topped with cheddar and broiled in the oven for a true grilled cheese sandwich.  It actually made a great dipper for the soup, although the bread to cheese ratio was a little off.

Afternoon Snack

I was feeling like something sweet come afternoon, so I tried to scratch that itch while still keeping it healthy with a graham cracker sheet topped with Nutella and sliced banana.


I'd planned on making oven "fried" chicken for Hubby as a surprise.  It's one of his favorite things after Italian food!  However, the chicken I took out of the freezer the day before was still frozen in the fridge, so I had to put it off for a day.  Instead, I made Parmesan tilapia (for me) and breaded chicken (for him) served with steamed broccoli and sauteed potatoes seasoned with paprika.

Other food thoughts...

I've been super congested for several days, which is interesting because I bought dairy milk last week after using plain unsweetened soy milk (for cooking and baking) and vanilla almond milk (for drinking and cereal) the week before, so now I'm wondering if that's causing it.  There definitely seems to be a link between drinking it and then having more phlegm in my throat and pressure in my sinuses.  I'm thinking of using up my cow stuff and then switching back over to the other.

Cold weather foods I'm looking forward to:  soups, cocoa, pasta, and lots of slow cooker goodies.
Hubby and I are both a little worried about staying healthy while its super cold.  We've both made a lot of progress on the fitness front in the last few months, so we're looking for ways to stay in shape and eat healthy but still hearty and delicious foods for the next few months.  Anyone have any winter fitness suggestions??

Check out my What I Ate Wednesday video here:

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