Monday, December 14, 2015

(Puppy) Mommy Monday

Hey guys!

I've be so, so busy the last few weeks.  Subbing has finally picked up and I'm basically working full time.  Today I'm working a half day and don't have to be in until later, so I thought I'd give you an update on how my babies have been doing.

Big Boy

I was super worried about him with the move.  Between the scary plane ride, stairs, and the cold weather, I was afraid that all the changes would be hard on his knee.  If you don't remember, he had surgery almost two years ago to fix a ligament in his back left knee, and while his recovery has been AMAZING it does bother him from time to time.  It turns out that all my anxiety was for nothing though, because although he was stressed when we picked him up after the plane, he recovered quickly and simply slept for a few days to adjust to the time difference.  He also mastered the stairs faster than Trouble (super surprising!) and has not needed a single pain pill since we moved into the house.



She hates the cold weather (and her snowshoes!) and loves her sweaters, which was expected, but like Hubby she's been struggling to deal with the extreme change in daylight in the last few weeks.  Here in Germany, we are much farther north than we are used to and as a result the sun is coming up very late and setting very early now that it's winter.  To give you some perspective, we are actually farther north than the U.S. border with Canada!  I grew up in the Bay Area, so I'm a little more used to having swings in daylight, but for Trouble and Hubby its been a challenge.  They're both tired a lot!

Today's homework, my lovelies, is to take some time out of your busy day to spend with a loved one, like a friend, a pet, or a non-furry family member.  :)

Happy Monday and stay stylish!


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