Monday, February 22, 2016

Belated Berlin Blogging!

Hey guys!

Long time, no blog.  I've been SUPER busy the last few weeks and haven't had the time to sit down and do a proper blog post between the post-holiday blues, taking care of Big Boy after he strained his knee slipping on the tile, trying to stay on track with diet and exercise, and working like crazy as a sub.  I'm really, really hoping the substitute teaching will help me get my food in the door for next year, since thus far getting hired in Germany has been incredibly frustrating for someone who is pretty used to having my pick of jobs.

To make it up to you, here are some of the pictures I took on my birthday trip to Berlin a few weeks ago. Yes, happy birthday to me!  I'm now officially 33- can you believe it??  Actually, if you can believe it, please keep it to yourself! ;-)  I'd just as soon NOT hear that someone thinks that I look my age.  I'm lucky enough to have inherited really great skin from my mom and I'm hoping to continue with last year's resolution to get into better shape and clean up my diet, two factors that were definitely contributing to my beginning to look and feel my age!  As New Year's resolutions go, it's been a pretty successful one, I've lost 25 pounds and am much more strong and flexible than I was a year ago.  That also puts me half-way to my goal weight, which is pretty exciting!

Berlin Cathedral and the Fernsehturm radio tower.

An Enigma machine!

An East German Trabant.

A section of the Berlin Mauer (Wall).  I was in Kindergarten when it came down and was probably more aware of it than a lot of other American kids because there was a girl in my class named Laura from West Germany at the time.

More Cold War signage.

Long overdue lunch/dinner at an Irish pub near the train station after an entire day at the history museum.

Museum Island.

Trabant museum.

The remains of the SS headquarters with one of the largest remaining sections of the Berlin Wall above.

Checkpoint Charlie.  Please note the McDonald's in the background.  I thought the juxtaposition was pretty hilarious.

The Brandenburg Gates.


The Reichstag

Green circulation system inside the dome.

A very rainy view of downtown Berlin at night!

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