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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Prague Trip Day 2: The Museum of Communism

Hey guys!

So one of the things that I was very eager to learn more about in Prague was its history within the Communist Block.  Having grown up in the States at the tail end of the Cold War, I have some memories of the big events surrounding the fall of the Soviet Union but not a whole lot.  I was in kindergarten when the Berlin wall came down, for example.  Between this and our shared love of history museums, Hubby and I were both super excited to check out the Museum of Communism near Wenceslas Square.  Ironically enough, today it is next door to a McDonald's and across the street from Bennetton.  I couldn't make that up if I tried!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Prague Trip Day 2: The Jewish Quarter

Hey guys!

So one of the reasons why I was most excited to plan a trip to Prague was its incredibly rich Jewish history.  I taught at a Jewish day school for several years and learned so much about the culture from my amazing students and coworkers.

A Little Backstory

Prague's Jewish Quarter is comprised of three blocks in the Old Town.  It was originally the most flood-prone area where Jews were forced to live and work in relative isolation from the rest of the city.   Today its one of the best remaining displays of hundreds of years of Jewish culture, history, and architecture anywhere in Europe.  Prague was never bombed on a large scale during World War II and very little damage was done by the Nazis, who actually preserved the city's synagogues with the intent of creating a museum after the war.  Jewish artifacts from all over Europe were shipped here for the planned museum, many of which never made it back to the original locations because so many synagogues were destroyed.  (This makes for amazing, but haunting, displays today.)  The Jewish Quarter was once again relatively lucky during the Communist era.  Prague was considered such a backwater that they never got around to demolishing the city's places of worship.

The Maisel Synagogue

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Prague Trip Day 1: Walking Tour of Old Town and Wenceslas Square

Hello guys!

Prague is actually a sprawling, modern city of 1.3 million people.  For our trip though, we focused on the historic parts of the city's downtown, featuring beautiful architecture, some of it dating back centuries.

For our first full day, we started in the:

 Old Town (Stare Mesto)

Jan Hus Memorial

Monday, June 27, 2016

Anniversary Trip to...

Hello, everyone!

My apologies for the prolonged radio silence.  I really need to start getting back into the habit of  posting regularly so that I don't have to start every entry with an apology.  This spring has been crazy-busy, and with all of the changes that have happened for us in the last year I really felt the need for some privacy to sort out some personal stuff.

But now I'm back and feeling super excited to connect with all of you again.   The school year is now over, and Hubby and I just got back from what is becoming an annual tradition: a trip to a new place to celebrate another year of marriage.  This year we are up to eight, which is completely crazy because it almost feels like we got married yesterday!

Last year, we spent a magical week in Paris to celebrate.  (You can read more about that trip here.)  This year, we decided to try a place that neither of us had ever been before....  Prague!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Belated Berlin Blogging!

Hey guys!

Long time, no blog.  I've been SUPER busy the last few weeks and haven't had the time to sit down and do a proper blog post between the post-holiday blues, taking care of Big Boy after he strained his knee slipping on the tile, trying to stay on track with diet and exercise, and working like crazy as a sub.  I'm really, really hoping the substitute teaching will help me get my food in the door for next year, since thus far getting hired in Germany has been incredibly frustrating for someone who is pretty used to having my pick of jobs.

To make it up to you, here are some of the pictures I took on my birthday trip to Berlin a few weeks ago. Yes, happy birthday to me!  I'm now officially 33- can you believe it??  Actually, if you can believe it, please keep it to yourself! ;-)  I'd just as soon NOT hear that someone thinks that I look my age.  I'm lucky enough to have inherited really great skin from my mom and I'm hoping to continue with last year's resolution to get into better shape and clean up my diet, two factors that were definitely contributing to my beginning to look and feel my age!  As New Year's resolutions go, it's been a pretty successful one, I've lost 25 pounds and am much more strong and flexible than I was a year ago.  That also puts me half-way to my goal weight, which is pretty exciting!

Monday, December 14, 2015

(Puppy) Mommy Monday

Hey guys!

I've be so, so busy the last few weeks.  Subbing has finally picked up and I'm basically working full time.  Today I'm working a half day and don't have to be in until later, so I thought I'd give you an update on how my babies have been doing.

Big Boy

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Sightseeing Saturday: Nuremberg Christmas Market!

Hey guys!

Yesterday we took the train to Nuremberg for the opening day of the Christmas Market.  It's been held in the main square every winter for hundreds of years.  We did a lot of wandering around the booths, bought some gifts for family and friends, enjoyed some Gluvine (hot spiced wine), and stayed for the opening ceremony featuring the Christkind (the golden haired, angel-like figure who brings children Christmas presents in local lore).  It was about thirty degrees the entire afternoon, so I did not take very many pictures because I didn't want to have to take my gloves off to use my camera!  However, we had buckets of fun despite the frigid weather.