Monday, June 17, 2013

Grocery Store Goodies!

Good morning guys!

I hope you all had a great weekend and had a chance to celebrate the dads in your life yesterday.

Saturday is my normal grocery shopping day, although I typically make a few stops for odds and ends during the week, too.  Here's what my haul for the week looked like:

Veggies:  I'm always trying to eat more of these!  They're great for your hair and skin.  Plus, they're both filling and low in calories, so they've also great for your waistline.  I still had some cauliflower, leeks, and half of an onion in my fridge, so this week I got a bag of the skinny French green beans that I like (so tender!), shredded carrots for salads, four sweet potatoes, a sweet onion, two bell peppers, a bag of broccoli that can go in the microwave, and a bag of organic "power greens" with baby kale, chard, and spinach.  The greens are a new variety, I'll have to let you know what I think!

Fruit:  I especially eat a lot of fruit when it's warm out.  For the week I bought two apples, two lemons, two bananas, a package of organic strawberries, a package of organic raspberries (my favorite!), and an avocado, which isn't sweet but is technically a fruit.  The lemons are for water, the berries are for desserts, and the apples are for snacks.

Dairy/eggs:  I can't ever seem to get used to the taste of skim milk, so I bought half a gallon of organic 1% milk.  Also loaded up on Balade light butter (part butter and part canola oil), organic fat free strawberry yogurt cups, egg whites in a carton, fat free cottage cheese, and a small block of the Cabot 75% reduced fat cheddar.  I use this particular cheese more as a garnish when I want the flavor and texture of cheese added to something that already has a lot of flavors going on.  The yogurt and cottage cheese are intended for snacks, although I sometimes cook with cottage cheese, too.

Miscellaneous: low sodium tomato soup in a carton, two bottles of flavored sparkling water, and two new items: brown rice pasta (they were out of my normal whole wheat) and whole wheat lavash.  They were putting out fresh packages of it when I was shopping and it smelled sooooo good.  Lavash is Middle Eastern flatbread.  It feels very nice and pliable.  I'm thinking it will make good thin crust pizza or wraps for quick lunches during the week.

Protein:  A package of extra lean ground turkey, organic/ free range chicken breast, and two different kinds of frozen fish since I was completely out: wild salmon and tilapia.  These are all intended for dinners this week.   The fish will probably last me several weeks since there are six different pieces and I'm the only fish eater in the house.  I also bought two cans of tuna and a can of white chicken that I forgot to include in the picture.

What does a normal grocery trip look like for you?

Stay cool,


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