Saturday, March 1, 2014

My Living Room

Hey guys!

The living room is finally finished!

I've been working on this space since the summer and it's finally the way I pictews it in my head!  The red pillows and framed painting are from Ross. The throw on the couch came from CVS. The area rug is a handmedown from my mom. My aunt picked It up at an estate sale outside of Boston years ago for my parents' entry way.  My mom eventually replaced it with a lookalike without fringe because it was never neat enough and drove her crazy!  I've decided that with the dogs running around I just need to embrace te idea that the fringe will always be all over the place. We will have to see how I do with that!

The curtains are from Hancock Fabrics. I love the giant grommets!  The curtain rods and hardware were bought at IKEA the last time we visited my parents. I tried to put up the curtains with tension rods when I ought them over the summer and they were way to heavy. They sat crumpled on  a chair in my study for the whole fall semester until we decide to be brave enough to hang real curtain rods.

I'm so excited. What do you think?


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