Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Paris Day 4- Hemmingway Tour!

Hey guys!
Day Four of our Paris anniversary trip was also shaped by the guidebook we'd bought for the trip.  One of my big worries about this trip was that we would wind up doing more stuff that I like and not a lot of stuff for Hubby.  I adored Paris when I was lucky enough to visit after I graduated from high school and I had a very long list of things that I wanted to do.   I was worried that Hubby would sort of wind up following me around as I did those things, so I worked very hard to try to find things that were more for him.
One of his favorites (besides Napoleon's Tomb), straight out of out of our travel book, was a walking tour of places where Ernest Hemmingway lived, worked, and visited in Paris.  Hubby is a huge Hemmingway fan and actually had the opportunity to visit where he lived in Key West while he was there for work several years ago.  Yes, with the six-toed cats!
Most of the tour took place in the Left Bank and included three separate places where he lived.  They are still private residences, but they had small plaques on the buildings noting when he had lived there and some of the things he had done at the time.  Here are some of the places where we stopped:

Shakespeare and Company.  This was my favorite stop on the tour!  The famous English language bookstore's current location was a lot of fun to wander through and I could have easily bought a dozen books that looked interesting, although we restrained ourselves to one book each and a surprise gift that we are saving for someone's birthday.  I purchased Americans in Paris by Charles Glass.  It's a fascinating look at Americans who lived in Paris under Nazi occupation during World War Two, and like the other two books came stamped with Shakespeare and Company's famous stamp.

The motto outside the bookstore.

The original Shakespeare and Company location several blocks from where it is now housed.  The original location is down a quiet side street, whereas the new location sits on a busy road facing the Seine and Notre Dam.

Hubby with the Shakespeare and Company bag containing our purchases in front of the original location. 

A fountain dedicated to people who fought with the French Resistance under Nazi occupation.  I learned in my book that there are a number of Americans included in the list.

Another shot of the fountain.  It was very pretty and quite a gathering place in the summer heat.

We went by Notre Dam on our way back towards our hotel since it wasn't very far out of our way.  Here's a look at the famous exterior, complete with statues, gargoyles, and one of the rose windows.

A statue of Charlemagne guarding the entrance.  He was quite scary looking and I certainly wouldn't have wanted to meet him in a dark alley!

A view of the other side of Notre Dam from the park  behind it.  We both enjoyed resting in the shade on a park bench for a while a band played.  This was not the hottest day of our trip, but it was pretty close!
Make sure to let me know in the comments below what you think of our trip so far!  I have two days left in our trip to talk about and then I will be looking for new blog topics, so let me know what you'd like to know more about, whether it's Germany, foods, fashion, etc.
Stay fashionable, my lovelies!

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