Sunday, July 5, 2015

Summer Heat!

Hey guys!

Oh, boy- has it been HOT!  It was 100 degrees the day after we left in Paris and we were glad to head home when we did. Our celebration was short lived, though, because the heat followed us back to Germany.

Between being exhausted after our trip and the heat, Hubby and I elected to have a low key Fourth of July: a simple BBQ at home with the puppies.

The most elaborate thing I made was strawberry lemonade:

Besides that, it was just bratwurst and beer for Hubby and turkey dogs and red wine for me. We both had fresh baked multigrain rolls and grilled zucchini spears.

We were hoping to have a view of the American fireworks from the house, but we were too far away to see or hear anything. Too bad for us, but I suspect the puppies were happier for it!

Stay stylish!


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