Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up!

Hey guys! 
Aside from my stormy adventure, Hubby and I had a very fun, relaxing weekend.  Here's what we did:

Here's Big Boy chillin' in the pool while Hubby cleans up after the storm.  He adores puddles, and had a misadventure in an extra muddy one at the beginning of the summer.  Hubby wound up going out and getting one of those plastic kiddie pools to get him cleaned up in, and he LOVES it.  Given his cautious nature, getting Big Boy in the pool the first time was tricky.  We both had to take off our shoes and splash around and tell him what a great time we were having before he would even come around the corner of the house and investigate.  Now it's hard to get him out!  He even fiercely defends "his" pool from Trouble when she tries to join him.  Mostly, though, she just hangs around and drinks from the hose when we bring out the pool and fill it up. 

 Sunday morning Cheat Day breakfast.  Here's how I used up the last of the almond milk: vegan chocolate doughnuts!  The recipe for baked doughnuts is from Chloe's Kitchen, which I got as a Christmas gift.  I've made a few things out of it and they've all been really good.  I bought a doughnut pan a while back with part of a birthday gift card to Bed, Bath, and Beyond from my mother-in-law specifically for this recipe, but I just now got around to actually using it.  The actual recipe makes a dozen doughnut, but I cut all the ingredients in half and just made six.  The two of us still couldn't finish them, though!

We took two big bags of old books and magazines down to our local used bookstore to try to sell.  They only took a handful of magazines, but I found two really great things for my kitchen.  On the left is a white tea pot from Fiesta Ware.  It goes with all of my multicolored Fiesta Ware plates and is also totally adorable.  How often do I use a tea pot?  Honestly not very often, but it's nice to have just in case I ever throw a tea party or something, especially when it's this cute!
The second piece is a tea tin.  I guess I was craving tea when we went to the bookstore!  It's something I might have walked right by if not for a very specific reason:
I was SUPER excited to find this tucked in between stacks of cookbooks because it actually matches a coffee tin I bought at a consignment shop that I visited with my mom a few years ago.  It sits on my little shelf in between my Keurig (for everyday convenience) and my espresso machine (for weekend lattes).  I love it because it holds an entire bag of coffee.

In a similar fashion, the tea tin fit all of my tea bags nicely (chai, decaf green, and chamomile for me, peppermint and black for hubby, plus the funky floral-tasting tea my MIL gave us).  Plus I got to chuck a bunch of half-empty cardboard tea boxes in the recycling.  Now my shelf looks so much neater!  The tea tin isn't in as great a shape as the original coffee tin, and I might not have bought it if it weren't for the coffee tin.  But I was so jazzed to make a matched set for two vintage items.
Hubby is still on his Vonnegut kick, so he got a new novel.  I'm still working my way through my big Sherlock Holmes collection, so I was good on the reading front.
What did you do this weekend?
Stay cool!

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