Thursday, July 18, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday!

Hey guys,

So today I'm recording what I eat all day and will post it on my blog. 

Breakfast (7:15):

Okay, so I apologize for this being the same as last week.  It just sounded really good!  I promise to come up with something creative for lunch and dinner to make it up to you guys.  I had two Weetabix with half a chopped banana and a handful of organic blueberries with a cup of milk.  On the side I had a mug of black Organic, Fair Trade French Roast from Trader Joes and my second glass of water for the day.  I'm always trying to drink more, especially during the summer when it's so hot out. 

Lunch (12:30):

My very own, newly invented buffalo chicken wrap.  Half a can of chicken flaked and mixed with a few tablespoons of Frank's Red Hot Buffalo Wing Sauce and a Light Swiss wedge from Laughing Cow.  Served in a whole wheat and flax tortilla from Trader Joe's with chopped romaine, tomato, cucumber, and shredded carrot.  Served with a big glass of cold water because it was kinda spicy.  Yum! 
Afternoon Snack (4 pm):
Another repeat.  I'm almost done with my black cherries from last week.  They are so good!  I had five, halved and pitted, with four big spoonful's of nonfat vanilla yogurt.
Dinner (6:30 pm):
I've been making dinners out of my Cooking for Two cookbook this week (see my cookbook post for more info).  Tonight I made the sour cream noodles (the variation with sautéed onions and ground beef added in, although I swapped in extra lean ground turkey instead) and Simple Tomato Salad served with green beans.  Both recipes were really good.  Yum!

Evening Snack (8:00 pm):
Raspberries are my all time favorite fruit.  We are very lucky with produce where we live, since so much of it is grown in nearby California and Mexico, but even I have a hard time getting really great raspberries.  These were fantastic: bright red, firm, juicy, and sweet.   I had about a quarter cup topped with a dollop of Fat Free Cool Whip and a few chocolate sprinkles.  I bought the sprinkles to put on something last week, and my hubby was soooooo excited about the sprinkles.  It was kinda cute and adorable.  I guess they were a fav when he was little.
And that was it.  What did you eat today?
Stay Cool!

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