Thursday, September 19, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday

Hey guys,

Here's what I are today:


Omelet with red peppers, onions, a crumbled slice of turkey bacon, and a pinch of 2% cheddar. Served with a slice of wheat toast with a smear of light butter and water, black French Roast, and a glass of skim milk- served in a stemless wine glass today because I forgot to start the  dishwasher last night!

Morning Snack:

Whole almonds and dried sweet cherries. 


What a treat!  As a teacher, I NEVER get to go out to lunch. After the half-day madness this morning, I treated myself to a veggie burger and fries at the mall near my work. I also had a Shirley Temple. :-)

Afterwards I did some window shopping and bought a new practical bra for under my work clothes. 


To compensate for my rich lunch, I skipped an afternoon snack and a starch at dinner. Instead, I had a pre- crusted tilapia filet and broccoli with garlic salt. 

Happy Wednesday!


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