Sunday, March 30, 2014


Hey guys!

So this is actually NOT a teacher thing! I got this idea from Emily over at and thought it was too cute not to try out.

A- Age: 31!  Although some days my students make me feel older, like when they're flabbergasted that there were cell phones when I was a student.

B- Birthday: January 28th.  I was supposed to be born two days earlier and I was supposed to be a boy.  My dad and his dad were both born on the 26th and share the same name.  He's still mad at me since we would have been in the Guinness Book of World Records.

C- Color: Purple.  My favorite since forever!

D- Drink: Nonalcoholic: Nonfat latte.  Alcoholic:  I love really dark red wine, like Pinot Noir.

E- Eyes: Hazel (Mostly green and brown with flecks of amber.)

F- Flashback: Here we are getting married almost six years ago with our wedding party.

G- Gent: My Hubby!  He's the love of my life and someone who balances my crazy out so well with his mellowness.  

H- Hobby: Yoga.  It keeps me strong and flexible and is amazing for stress.

I- Indulgence: I'm not a sweet person or a salty person.  I kind of go through phases of each.  So either dark chocolate anything or kettle chips!

J- Job: Middle school science teacher at a private school.  I'm planning on returning to a public school next year, though.  

K- Kiddos: Not sure at all.  Some days I think "no way!" and other days it sounds kind of fun.

L- Love: My husband, my parents, my kid sister, my puppies, my friends, teaching, our house, going out for a drink with friends from work at the end of a long week, organizing stuff.

M- Music: I have very eclectic tastes!  Everything from sixties rock to grunge to pop.  Right now I'm into Taylor Swift and Carly Ray Jepson.  My all-time favorite band is probably Crosby, Stills, and Nash.

N- Nickname: My dad used to call me Scooter when I was little, but I don't really have one.  Both Hubby and I have really short names.  I always wanted a long name with a nickname when I was a kid!

O- One Wish: To have less anxiety.  I'm a perfectionist and sometimes I have a hard time letting things go and enjoying everything right in my life.

P- Pets: Two dogs Trouble and Big Boy.  My loves!  She's a Boston Terrier/Pit Bull Mix and he's shepherd and who-knows-what.  Big Boy just had surgery to repair a torn ligament in his knee.  He's supposed to rest for several more weeks but is healing so well and starting to act like his old self again.

Q- Quote: "The more you love your choices, the less you need others to love them."  I'm a people pleaser, so I say this to myself to remind me to listen to my own voice.

R- Residence:  We bought an amazing three bedroom brick house almost five years ago.  I LOVE it!

S- Siblings: One younger sister.  We used to hate each others' guts, but have become surprisingly close over the last few years.

T- Temperature: I love warm fall days that fade into crisp evenings with just a hit of coolness in the breeze.

U- University: The University of Arizona (undergrad) and Northern Arizona University (graduate)

V- Vehicle: a 2012 Ford Fusion Hybrid.  Originally suggested by Hubby I adore my car and have owned it for almost two years now.  This is me the day we bought it. The tan Nissan is my old car that I had for 10 years. 

W- Worst Habit: I have trichotillomania.  You can look it up.  It's hard but I'm working on it!

X- X-rays: Normal dental stuff.  My right wrist when I was a senior in high school because of a marching band injury and my left one when I was a junior in college after slipping in the rain and falling down a flight of concrete stairs.  No broken bones either time.

Y- Yuck: Germy things like kids with dirty hands and runny noses (I am a teacher after all!), raw meat, getting my feet dirty.

Z- Zodiac: I'm your standard eccentric Aquarius.


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