Saturday, June 20, 2015

Bicycle Adventure

Hey guys,

A few years ago, Hubby gave me a bicycle for my birthday. I was really jazzed, not only because I'd been wanting one but also because it was a super cute white and pink Schwinn complete with a basket in front. Somehow, I never got around to riding it that much between being super busy all the time and living in a hot, non-bicycle friendly city. However, I decided to have it shipped to Germany on a hunch it might be easier to use it here.

Yesterday, I felt brave enough to venture out in my own for the first time. I bicycled over the overpass that creates a short cut over the railroad station in the middle of town and visited both a local bakery and a grocery market.

At the bakery, I purchased two pretzle rolls and a jam filled cookie for Hubby. Then at the market I got him a bottle of beer (I'm not a beer drinker and there was wine in the fridge at home), a salad kit in a plastic bowl, a loaf of divine bread, and a package of muselli.

Here are my goodies safely back in the garage. 

Here's the bread from the market. It was fresh and delicious. 

I feel ever-so-European bicycling to the bakery and the market!
Stay cool!


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