Friday, September 4, 2015

Fashion Friday

Hey guys!

I finally did a better job of remembering to take pictures of my outfits this week!  With all of the interruptions and changes in our lives the past few months with the big move, I'd gotten really bad about taking outfit pictures.  Oops!  Here's what I managed to capture this week:


Monday was what will undoubted be our last truly HOT day for a while.  It was humid and pushing 90 degrees.  To keep cool, I went with khaki shorts from Old Navy, a navy lace-lined tank from NKD, and white cut-out leather sandals by Franco Sarto.  The tank is one of two things I've purchased in Germany.  You can see my scarf in last week's post.


Tuesday was a little cooler, so I opted for skinny Sweetheart jeans from Old Navy with an aqua polo from Express design studio layered with a bright pink tank from Target's Xhiliration line.  The sandals are the same Franco Sarto white leather ones as yesterday.

It's difficult to see in the outfit post, so here's a close-up of the embroidery on the polo shirt.  I've had this for years and wear it a lot on Casual Fridays at work.

The polo collar doesn't leave enough room for a necklace, so I went with one inch sterling silver hoops, also from Express Design studio.


It was cooler still on Wednesday, so the sandals had to go!  Here I am wearing my other pair of skinny Sweetheart Jeans from Old Navy with a grey short sleeved sweatshirt from Banana Republic, a black tank from Xhiliration, and black ballet flats (also Xhiliration).  The sweatshirt is super soft French terry on the inside and was on clearance when I bought it back in the spring.  The beaded necklace was a birthday gift from one of my husband's aunts several years ago.  I don't know where she got it from.

I also wore my Italian charm bracelet today.   Several years ago, when they were all the rage, I wore it every day, but it has since become a sporadic thing.


Thursday was even chillier, with fog and rain.  I went with a blue and navy sweater with drop shoulders from Banana Republic paired with pale green chords from Gap and my black ankle boots by Xhiliration.

My necklace was a birthday gift from my sister about five years ago.  It opens into a watch, although the battery is currently dead and I keep forgetting to replace it.

I kept my earrings simple: sterling silver balls from Target.

This is my watch that I wear every day.  Its stainless steel with a white light up face and bracelet band.  The brand is Carriage by Timex, bought forever ago with a Target gift card when I finished my student teaching.

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