Thursday, August 20, 2015

Grocery Haul

Hey guys!

Grocery shopping is one of my favorite chores!  Here’s what I got in my weekly haul:


I got two pounds of white potatoes for a casserole, two baby cucumbers for lunches and snacks, a large zucchini to slice and bake with parmesan, five button mushrooms, a red bell pepper, two tomatoes for salads, two bananas for slicing over oatmeal, a package of blueberries that are also for the oatmeal, and a package of raspberries for desserts.


I got two half gallons of skim milk, a carton of egg whites for breakfasts, two Chobanni 0% yogurts (one blueberry and one strawberry), and stocked up on cheese because I didn’t buy any last week and we were down to one slice of provolone for Hubby’s lunchtime sandwiches.  The cheese that I got were our “normal”: shredded Parmesan in a plastic tub, shreds of 2% mozzarella and cheddar, and the unusual addition of shredded Pepper Jack cheese which is for an enchilada recipe for the week.


Like dairy, we were running low in this department.  I got a package of extra lean ground turkey breast for enchiladas, two packages of thin sliced chicken breast for various recipes, reduced sodium turkey bacon for that potato casserole, and turkey pepperoni.

Canned Goods

We didn’t need a lot of extras this week.  I got marinara sauce, a small jar of tomato basil sauce, sliced black olives, a can of chicken for sandwiches, almonds for snacking, a can of water chestnuts for stir fry, tomato soup, fat free refried beans and a jar of salsa for enchiladas, a bag of baked corn chips, and a box of pancake mix for a weekend treat.


We do about 90% of our grocery shopping at the Commissary, but it’s also fun to check out the local grocery stores for treats and novelties.

From the Netto in town, I got two soft baked pretzels, two whole wheat rolls, two plain rolls, a package of Nussi hazelnut butter and chocolate wafers to try, a bag of Haribo gummies for Hubby who is OBSESSED with them, and two bottles of wine from a brand called Bio Bio.  The varieties of wine in Germany are very different from the ones that you find in the United States and also tend towards being much sweeter.  It’s pretty unusual to come across something like Chardonnay where I know what it is.  These two are Tempranillo and Monteputeizm d’ Abruzzo.  Beyond knowing that they are red wine, I have no clue about either of these so I will have to let you know.  

That's pretty much it for the week.  We generally have dinner out on either Friday or Saturday depending on what we are doing for the weekend, but we eat in a lot.  Living in a rural area, it's pretty difficult to eat out anyways.

Here's my Grocery Haul video:

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  1. Looks good! We tend to lean toward Mexican dishes since 2 of us are Latinas turned Native American. Zorro prefers to burn meat(as he likes to call it) several times a week, all kidding aside, he is a very good cook in the house and out.
    This is my first visit to your blog and I like it! Robert will want to hear about you, we are very pro Service. We have a Child Abuse site and hope you will check it out:
    Have a good friday!

  2. Thank you, Aida! We are from Arizona, so we eat a lot of Mexican dishes, too, although it's a little more difficult to find the right ingredients now that we are in Germany. I will be checking out your site- it sounds like you are doing great work!


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