Saturday, September 26, 2015

Grocery Haul

Hey guys!

So in part as a reaction to our bout with food poisoning this week, I decided to focus on a lot more plant based foods to help get both of us health again.  Here's what I bough for the week:


I bought a red pepper, a sweet yellow onion, a bag of baby spinach, strawberries, bananas, a really beautiful bunch of celery, two ears of yellow corn, and white mushrooms.  The pepper, onion, celery, spinach, and mushrooms, are going into dinner recipes this week.  The bananas are destined for oatmeal, and the strawberries and corn were treats because they were Manager's Specials at the commissary and looked good.  I intend to boil the corn and serve with a dinner and the strawberries will probably be a dessert.

Dry Goods

I picked up two kinds of vegetarian-friendly soup for some warm lunches on chilly fall days: Campbell's Healthy Choice Tomato and Organic Lentil.   There's a Manager's Special bottle of Kraft Basalmic dressing, which is for any leftover spinach- yum!  I also got a can of Hormel's Vegetarian Chili for an easy lunch.  I needed three cans of diced tomatoes for different dinner recipes, as well as tomato paste and ground ginger.  I got a can of kidney beans for homemade vegetable chili, soft tofu for a recipe, a big bag of raw walnuts for a veggie burger recipe and snacks, and apricot jam for a dipping sauce recipe.


I bought a loaf of Chabatta bread for making garlic toasts for a bean soup recipe and a box of Oatmeal Crisp cereal for eating with my vanilla almond milk.  I forgot to include them, but I also bought a bag of croutons for salads and a bag of corn tortilla chips for chili.


Specifically for snacking, I picked up a container of roasted and salted cashew halves and pieces and a bag of Kettle Chips in Backyard Barbeque.  Because I'm essentially going with all vegan food for the week (excepting a little dairy and/or eggs in the croutons and frozen waffles where I didn't have any vegan options with the commissary's selection) a few heartier snacks were in order.


I got a box of Eggo Nutri Grain Blueberry waffles.  These make a great out-the-door breakfast when toasted and smeared with peanut butter.  There's plain, unsweetened soy milk for recipes.  It's great for baking but I don't personally like the taste enough to drink it straight.  Vegan Boca burgers are another easy veg option for warm lunches.  The little package in the front is filled with frozen won-ton wrappers.  There going into a mushroom won-ton recipe we are trying tonight.

What do you think of my get healthy choices?  Let me know in the comments!

Stay stylish!



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    1. While Nutella is delicious, peanut butter is a lot less messy for a dashing-out-the-door style breakfast!


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